Migrating webMethods from one server to another

We have a situation where we have to rotate our servers which are coming up for lease renewal. We want to move webMethods from the old server to a newer one. The DB that holds the data is on another server. After we transferred the code and config, we would change the IP and computer name to be the same as the existing environment.

Are there any best practices for such a migration??

Can you make a direct directory copy that would work on the new server or are you required to run a new installation??

Do you need new certificates on the new server if you do AS2 with partners?? Are the certificates no longer valid on a new server??

Thanks for any advice!!

Moving your entire directory should work fine, especially if we are talking Unix(you can just tar it up and ftp to the new server. Since you are using the same host and ip, you database entries, ie error, audit etc should be fine as well. I assuming you will keep the same directory structure… if not make sure you modify all of the path variables in the files that contain path information, there are several.

You certificates will work as well.


I assume that when you say “move webMethods” that you probably mean Integration Server. Or possibly Broker. For either of those, Mark’s advice is right on with the key point being that the identity of the new server must be the same as the old (same hostname and IP).

For other webMethods products (Workflow, Portal, etc.) such an approach may or may not work, though it probably would.

Let me clarify a little. We have the following pieces installed and in use on this server:


My biggest fear is the certificates for the AS2 partners. I don’t know if these are machine specific and must be regenerated.

I assume we would also need to create/hange the service settings on the new server since we’re not doing a formal installation

As long as the hostname is the same as what’s on the cert you should be okay. They are not machine specific, but testing it out is always a good idea.