Migrating SAP RFC service to a clustered environment

Dear All,

I have changed in an existing SAP RFC service; we need to just pass one more field to SAP. (SAP already added this field in their Function Module (RFC) input.)
The procedure I followed:
First I went to lookup in SAP adapter in Administrator. Then I search for RFC and then select Define new map for B2Bà (outbound). Then I provide the Folder name and service name, same as the existing service name and folder name. After that the existing service got updated (sap.map:outbound) as the new field added in input and I changed in the service (retrieve the SAP server name from Property, instead of hard coding the SAP Server name).
Now while migrating the changes to other environment I only migrated the service (Flow service generated by “Define new Map

Using the adminstration SAP console, try removing any DDIC-Cache functions and structures.

Go to adming page and click the DDIC-Cache link below lookup .
Clear all the cache and re-do lookup.It should solve your problem.

Best of luck.