Migrating JMS and JNDI settings between two webMethods instances

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Can anyone please let me know the different ways of migrating JMS and JNDI settings to a new wM instance other than copying jms.CNF and JNDI Properties file to a new instance. Is there any other process to perform this migration. Please let me the best possible method for this… Your responses are much appreciated.


If you talk about migration the JMS and JNDI across different environments within same version of webMethods, then creating it manually will be the option though you can copy the .cnf files and change few values with respect to environment… You can also use deployer and choose the ‘Administration’ link of Deployment set to choose files in file system.

If you talk about migrating JMS, JNDI details from one version of webMethods to another version of webMethods, you got to use IntegrationServer migration utility that comes with the product which does the actual migration work…


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Thanks for you response which was so helpful…In our case, we are migrating within same version. Can you please let me know how the data(custom package with JDBC & MQ and other .cnf files of JMS settings etc) that is migrated from file system to an external RDBMS instance get affected in its database. Will the tables get directly updated with this migrated data or it needs any action to get stored in the table IS_DATASTORE. How the migrated IS data is stored actually after migrating to an External RDBMS from filesystem.


Hi Dinesh,
When you create connection for JDBC, or MQ systems, it creates an object inside the specific custom package. As part of your deployment of entire package using Deployer, this information will also be moved to your next environment…

With respect to jms.cnf, this doesn’t exist inside a specific package, where as it exists inside IntegrationServer/config folder in the file system… You got to move it manually or using Deployer… This will again sit in the file system of your target environment, and not in any db tables…


Thanks for your clarification Senthil!..Will this Deployer be also helpful to migrate .cnf and JNDI properties files to the target system? This is what we are looking out for… will the target UI gets reflected with these .cnf file properties? Can you give some info on this…


Yes. You can use deployer to move files in filesystem… But you might have to restart the target servers if required which is not the case if you move IS or TN objects… I hope you are not trying this out with Prod…

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Thats Great Senthil!.. Your responses were quite helpful… and it served our need… Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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