Migrating from Applinx 5.2.4 to 9.8

I’ve been tasked with migrating an application that runs on a Windows Server 2003 machine running Applinx 5.2.4 to a Windows Server 2012 machine running Applinx 9.8.

I exported the setting from the old Applinx 5.2.4 installation and then I installed Applinx 9.8 on the new server. The installation appeared to go ok.

When I ran the Applinx administrator on the new server it does not give me the option to import the settings. I did notice that on the old server the Applinx administrator shows “management” and “composer” nodes in the explorer window. The new server only shows “management”.

I’m brand new to Applinx so it’s quite possible I didn’t install version 9.8 entirely correctly. Does anyone have any ideas where I might have gone wrong?

Development has moved to Software AG Designer (Eclipse based IDE), replacing the “Composer” node. Only ApplinX Management is left in the Administrator.

When running the Software AG Installer, you need to open the “Designer” node and make sure “ApplinX” is checked in order to install the development components.