Migrate the Fabric Tasks from one MWS to a new MWS server

Hi ,

We are migrating our MWS application from one MWS server to another . For that we created a couple of deployer projects migrating our application and the business process model , please find the screenshots attached .

But after installing the build in the new MWS , the fabric tasks are not migrated , we have to create it manually . But is there a way to export the Fabric tasks under Folders > My webMethods Applications > Fabric Tasks from the source MWS to the newly installed MWS server . It is for our clients to set up the MWS at their side , we cannot ask them to create the fabric tasks at their side .

Can you please help us with a solution.



First try to export content from your source environment

Folders > Administrative Folders > Administration Dashboard > Migration > Content Import/Export

Items to export: “Browse” and select:

folders->My webMethods Applications->Fabric Task.

Import the content in the target environment.

PS: let the product pages intact and migrate only to your custom pages/folders.

Best regards.