MFT assets e.g. VFS and events import and export

Hello Again Experts,

We have a requirement of moving the MFT assets like VFS and events from 10.5 version of IS, MWS, to version 10.7. We have exported the assets from 10.5 using the built in service wm.mft.admin:exportData and save the output locally. Then on 10.7 we run the wm.mft.admin:importData and point to the file exported from 10.5 But we are getting this error " The data could not be read from the file /app/webmethod107/IntegrationServer/instances/default/temp/DEV_Envi_VFS.xml. The version information provided in the file for Import operation is, only the data exported from version 10.7 can be imported."

It looks like it does not allow to import from an older version. Are there any other way to import VFS and events so we dont recreate this from scratch?

Thanks and have a good day to all!

Hi Paul Ryan Uchi,

It is not recommended to migrate assets from older version to newer one using export/import APIs,
in-fact importing older version of exported assets are not supported.
Usually, ActiveTransfer assets are retained using DB migration.

However, in Dev environment, you can change the version string in the XML from 10.5 to 10.7, and do an import.
This should work, and If not, please share the details.


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Hello Biswajit,

Thanks a lot, changing the version on the xml manually prior to the import works.

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