How to export scheduled events in Event Management under MFT

Hi All,

I’m new to webmethods and I am trying to backup my created events in MFT, though I can’t find any option to do it. Does someone already achieved this?

It’s in MWS, Administration → Integration → Managed File Transfer → Event Management

Thank you.

Hi Michelle,

Currently ActiveTransfer does not have an UI to create a
backup (meant for deploying the assets to another environment).

To create a backup, we need to export the assets using the following service:
The exported assets will be written to a file in XML format.

And to import this backup file, we need to use the following service:

(Input signatures for both the services are intuitive)

Hope this answers your query.


Hi Biswajit,

Thank you. I am able to export events now :slight_smile:
However, I am testing my exported XML file if it could import in the Event Management.
I delete first the event and want to import it again.
I am using these inputs below (based on my exported file) but I am encountering some errors.

validation failed for the scheduled event.
The value is not valid:ScheduleFrequency,null.
Validation failed for the scheduled …

Appreciate your help. Thank you.

Hi Michelle,

What is the version and fix level you are using?
Would it be possible to share the exported file so that we can verify the same in our environment?


Hi Biswajit,

After multiple tries, I am now able to import now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


Can you please share your experience on why you had to try multiple times. You feedback would help us improve around this capability.


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