MFWorkplaceTopic - MFWorkplaceInfo

Hello Konstantin,

I encountered the same problem like you. My solution uses the Reflection API to add a MFWorkplaceTopic to its MFWorkplaceInfo. The MFWorkplaceInfo class contains a protected method called addTopic(MFWorkplaceTopic topic).
The topic has been created using a dummy MFWorkplaceInfo object.
That has to work until there is a change in the Application Designer API :smiley:

Iā€™m working with

 private boolean zeichneWareneingangsMenu(MFWorkplaceInfo infoItem)   {
       MFWorkplaceInfo tempItem = new MFWorkplaceInfo();
        MFWorkplaceTopic tempTopic =   = new MFWorkplaceTopic(      
                               "Wareneingang", tempItem);
           addTopicToInfo(infoItem, tempTopic);
        protected void addTopicToInfo(MFWorkplaceInfo info, MFWorkplaceTopic topic) {
 /* check if the topic contains any subelements or do something similar */
            if (topic.getTree().getRowCount()==0) return;

/* else add the topic to the MFWorkplaceInfo */
            Class cinfo = info.getClass();
            Class[] parameterTypes = new Class[] {MFWorkplaceTopic.class};
            Method getMethod = null;
            try {
                getMethod = cinfo.getDeclaredMethod("addTopic", parameterTypes);
            } catch (SecurityException e) {

            } catch (NoSuchMethodException e) {

            Object[] objects = new Object[] {topic};
            try {
            } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
            } catch (IllegalAccessException e) {
            } catch (InvocationTargetException e) {

Best regards
Kai L