updateWorkplace in PopUp

According to the Developer’s Guide you can exchange the complete settings of the workplace via the method “exchangeMFWorkplaceInfo(…)”. And the following code sample is given:

public void onLogon()
// check user and password
// build up workplace for user
MFWorkplaceInfo wi = new MFWorkplaceInfo();
// exchange workplace
IMFWorkplace wp;
wp = (IMFWorkplace)findSessionContext,lookup(IMFWorkplace.IWORKPLACE_LOOKUP,false);

However if your adapter is running in pop-up mode, the workplace is NOT updated after you close your pop-up.

…you are right: the update only works when being called from a screen-adapter which is on the same browser as the workplace itself.

What you can do: put the code to update your workplace into the screen-adapter which calls the popup. When a modal popup is closed always the undelying page-adapter is requested (because the popup typically/often changes data of the page that it was started from).