Metadata Library Shutdown

I am looking for a way to shut down the Metadata Library from the Linux commandline in a script. I have most all of the other apps shutting down via their scripts that came with the package, but the Metadata Library offers nothing like that. How are others handling this? Wm7.1/Red Hat Linux


I’m facing the same problem. Did you got any reply or did you implemented something ?

As a temporary solution, I’m thinking to ‘kill’ its process as it seems it’s shuting down gracefully the application.

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I am using the linux w get command: (remove space between “w” and “get”)

w get -N hxxp:// -q

However, I am getting a syntax error because of the dash in “fabric-admin”. I tried several ways around it, such as quotes and bask-slashes, but I could not get it to work. I believe if you don’t have that dash in your directory name then you should be ok.

Ok, thanks.

It’s the way we already stop our ISes (even if I don’t link having Admin account in clear in scripts).

As our current installation (7.1.2 ?), “shutdown -q” is not recognized but “shutdown” is.

I think your dash problem is caused because you haven’t put double-quote arround the URL. My own script uses

wget  -O /dev/null -o /dev/null "http://$(cat ${MDL_ACCESSFILE})@${WMHOST}:${MDL_PORT}/fabric-admin/index.jsp?action=shutdown"

and is working w/o trouble.

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