Messaging Error in IS

Hi Team,

Am getting the below error in IS, please let me know if you have any idea/suggestions…

[ISS.0153.0998D] Sending message from CSQ for alias: IS_UM_CONNECTION (processMultipleMessages:true)
[ISS.0153.0998D] Sending message from CSQ for alias: IS_UM_CONNECTION


this is not an error - it is describing normal behavior.
When the connection to UM is lost, e.g. due to restarting UM, then any messages published during that time are stored in a client-side-queue (CSQ) on IS. When the connection is restored, then the messages are sent from CSQ to UM, so you don’t lose any data while UM is down.
That is what this message is telling you.

Hi Jonathan,

is there a “white paper” on using CSQ’s? i.e. is it best practice to use a CSQ? What’s the impact if the IS goes down? i.e. is data persisted or is it lost?


CSQ is described in the various IS documents:
Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide
Using webMethods Integration Server to Build a Client for JMS

It is generally best practice to use CSQ, because it makes your whole system much more resilient to planned and unplanned outages in your messaging system. It ensures that IS services never fail due to a messaging outage and hence that there is less need for upstream retry logic in such cases.
CSQ data is persisted to disk on the IS, so does survive an IS crash or restart.

Thanks Jonathan.

Should the Maximum CSQ Size be set to -1 and if so what considerations need to be given when it’s set to -1.
Or, should the value be set to the maximum expected during a “Messaging Layer” outage?
And should CSQ’s be used regardless of the messaging provider i.e. if ActiveMQ was chosen would the same apply?

Yes - setting the max to -1 (unlimited) is usually fine if you are not severely constrained with disk space.
CSQ can be used with other JMS providers.


To reiterate what Jonathan said about this not being an error, the D at the end of the logging code, i.e. ISS.0153.0998D, indicates this is a Debug message. If you want to stop seeing this message, adjust your logging level back to Info or something higher.


Hi Percio,

Thanks for the information.


Adding to above information, CSQ is stored on the IS file system (Derby DB) at the location \SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\instances\default\db