Message Rollback to UM queue

Hi All,

I have requiremet if trigger fail due to transient error in trigger service I need to roll back the messane to UM queue.

I used JMS connection with transaction type No-transaction and Local-Trancsaction and both the cases I can see the message has been rolled back to the queue in case of transient error. I am working on 9.12.

Can anyone please let me know is this really expected scenario in 9.12. It should not be roll back in case of no transaction JMS connection alias.


I presume you might have set “Suspend and Retry Later” transient error property for the WM MessaginfgTrigger which uses No-transaction JMS connection.

If so, it’s quite obvious that the IS will recover the JMS messages back to the JMS provider.

Not to get confused that the TRANSACTIONS are rolled back in case of transacted JMS sessions whilst the non-transacted JMS sessions will not be rolled back.

I suggest you go-thru the JMS documentation for more details.


Hey Neeraj,

Use Local Tx while configuring the JMS connection. Make sure the subscription service is correctly handled with throwExceptionForRetry logic. Refer Service development help for more details.