Message not geeting in JMS Adapter

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I created a JMS adapter and i have to send an XML file to Trading Network and then keep the message in JMS queue. I’m able to send the message to TN through an http client. but the message is not going to JMS queue.Can any one help me in solving this problem.

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Aravind Piedy


In order to have Trading Networks send a biz doc to a JMS queue or topic, you will need to create a custom delivery service.

See the TN User’s Guide for instructions on how to create a custom delivery service. A custom delivery service should use a specific input/output specification. It will be a Flow service that will accept a BizDoc as input, extract the XML to send from the BizDoc, format and send the JMS message to the specific destination.


Hello Mr Mark,
I am very much Thankful for your valuable suggestion. I would be Implementing it . If any problem arises in this task I need your further support.

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