MDNs failing intermittently for partner

We have come across an issue where MDN sent by one particular partner are failing to get processed intermittently.
Error captured from the logs shows that processMDN service fails while updating corresponding EDIINT.
[TNS.0002.1082W] Error in creating/updating EDIINT BizDocEnvelope, [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Object has been closed… [EDIINT.000002.000011].

webMethods version : 9.5

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Hi Tejasmitha,

what is your FixLevel for SCG_9.5_SP1_DataDirect?


Hi Holger

Thanks for your reply

We are not using any fixes.
The issue is happening intermittently once in a day .

Futher to my analysis ,error captured from the logs shows that wm.EDIINT.rules:processMDN service is failling at documentQuery level(wm.EDIINT.doc:documentQuery) while executing wm.EDIINT.doc:getRelatedDoc.

Thanks Tejasmitha

Please make sure, in your JDBC adapter connection, you have used driverType=thin in “Other Properties”. Hope it should resolve. Update back.


try to send message with synchronous transmission if it works . The problem seems to be with MDN sent by TP as its failing for one TP only.

Try to increase timeout value in watt.server.jdbc.LoginTimeout, for example from 60 to 120.

Thanks all for your time .

The issue has resolved. We need to applied a WmEDIINT 8.2 Fixfor this.

Below is detailed explanation of the fix.