Maximum number of concurrent users in Portal

I need to know the maximum number of concurrent users that portal can support and how to make this feature scalable.
Have a requirement that Portal should be available to 3000 users concurrently. Is it possible?
Thanks in advance

The short answer is that My WebMethods Server can support 3000 concurrent users. What needs to be figured out is the setup that is required to support this number of users. In order to make good decisions you will have to analyze the use cases in detail: What does the application look like that your users are accessing? How are they interacting with it? What other components are involved (i.e., Monitor, Task Engine, IS, etc.)? A good starting point would be to look at the performance reports that we recently published on Advantage: - look at the webMethods Composite Application Framework (CAF) 7.1.2 Performance Technical Report specifically for MWS related performance figures. However, I also advise to contact Software AG Professional Services to get guidance on sizing and scaling a system.


The practice shows that each user session takes about 3-5Mb of memory in the running server (depending on the amounts of data being processed and surfaced). Assuming that you are not using 64-bit VMs you are limited to 2Gb per VM (you can running multiple VMs on the single server). So at a minimum you are looking at 5-6 VMs memory wise.

Of course there is a question of cpu and database resources which solely depends upon what exactly there users will be doing, how active they would be etc.