How to audit number of concurrent MFT connections

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Active Transfer Server 10.15

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Hello everyone,
I’m trying to log the number of simultaneous user connections made for MFT at a given time, is it possible ?
(Maximum simultaneous user connections for MFT is set to 32768 in the mywebmethods → Administration → integration → Managed File Transfer → Server Management → throttling)

Best regards,
Arnaud SIMON

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Hello, yes it’s possible. You should be able to find it under Server Info Tab of the Logs page.
The Server Section will show the Number of users connected


Thanks for your answer, I see a warning message :

MashZone NextGen server is not configured
I think that this product is needed, I should read some documentation about this.

Hi Arnoud,
MashZone is an optional product which requires a license. It allows you to collect all kinds of metrics of your MFT and create custom dashboards. It’s great for monitoring purposes.