Maximum doccument list size


I am having one flow service where I am doing tranformation over input XML files. Mainly the transformation includes the execution of batch sql select query and some common mappings. But, when I executed this service for large XMl files such as 10 MB size, it throws error as Array Index out of bounds exception. Actually, the sql query returns all the selected records from the DB table at once. I did this test as part of test but ideally the file size of this magnitude will not come in real time. If anybody knows abt what is the max size of the document list that can be used, pls let me know.

Shriraksha A N

The max size of an array in Java (which is what string and doc lists are) is MAXINT. You’re probably not getting close to that. You probably should check the transformation code if it is doing any index calculations on its own. Or if it is assume the presence of a variable that doesn’t exists sometimes.