max query length

what is the max query length that can be passed to TaminoClient.query() method? I’m using Tamino


I am bemused by this question. :slight_smile:

Do you think that you have a problem? As far as I can see the query is a string that is just passed to the Tamino server. I’m not sure if there is limit on the size of the string that JScript supports.

So any “reasonable” sized query should be OK. However, I imagine that if the query string is exceptionally long this could mean that the query is complex and may require a lot of processing to satisfy. So it is probably best to use short simple queries.

You’re right, maybe the question isn’t so clear. The question is: there is a length limit for the Tamino query processing?
The database is queried by an HTTP request (Post method), maybe the limit is created by HTTP protocol. I don’t care about query complexity, my query is long but quite simle (xpath expressions are long)

Thank you


I don’t think that long queries will be a problem - excepting any JScript limitations. HTTP POST has been used to send multi megabyte XML documents.