MAT Fix Post Install Fixes?

I am running wm 9.10, and after installing ActiveTransfer fixes MAT_9.8_MWS_Fix10, MAT_9.8_Server_Fix10, I received a post-install message stating I needed:

  • IS_CL_9.8_Fix9
  • IS_CL_9.9_Fix6

… where do I find these fixes?

I could guess that “CL” above is Common Library, but I don’t have these in that folder in the Upgrade Manager (as per attached).

Also, it states something about common libraries - what does it mean by “IS or related on other installations”? (see attached)


Hi Peter,

sounds like some sort of version mixing.

As you are running wM 9.10, you should use MFT/MAT 9.10 as well.

The mentioned Fixes should be superceeded by the IS_9.10_Core Fix, which also contains the CL part.

In general the Common Libraries as well as the Shared commponents group (SCG) should be applied to every installation participating in your landscape. This includes local Designer installation as well as every sperate installation like IS, Messaging, MWS, … for the case they are not installed in one single installation.



Hi Holger, are you sure? As per screen-shot, the AT version for wm9.10 is v9.8.1528, (and it’s also v9.8.2063 for wm9.12).


HI Peter,


But the mentioned IS_CL_Fixes should be superceded by the corresponding wM 9.10 or wM 9.12 Fixes as these are required by other components.

As this is just an information you are fine as long as you have IS_9.10_CL or IS_9.12_CL Fix installed which cover at least the issues fix in the mentioned IS_9.8_CL or IS_9.9_CL Fix.

Check the Readmes of the fixes available from Empower for details.


Thanks Holger.