Master pasword expiration date not getting updated with the Interval chnge

Hello All

After i started receiving alerts from the IS regarding the expiration of the Master Password i had updated the expiration interval to 365 days(initially also the interval was 365 days) and saved the changes but i cannot see the expiration days getting updated. After increasing the interval im still getting the same number of days for the password expiration.

Just too make sure i also restarted the server but in vain :frowning:

Any suggestions are deeply appreciated.



Hello Mayank,

I’m not sure about this but try to update zero(0) in the expiration interval which will make you no-expiration.

Thanks and regards,
Punith Reddy.T

Hello Punith,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually configuring the interval to zero is not recommended.

But anywayz i wanted to know that why the expiration date is not getting extended after changing the expiration interval.


You should put interval at least 365 days (max)

Hi Rmg

Thanks for the reply.

I have updated the Interval as 365 days but after saving the changes still the password is displayed to get expired after same number of days as it was earlier before making the change.

My understanding is that if we update the ‘Expiration Interval’ as 365 days then after saving the changes the ‘number of days to expiration’ should extend by an year which is not happening here.

Please correct me if i am wrong.


what number is showing now days left?

Hi rmg

After updating the interval as 365 i could still see the below details.
[TABLE=“class: tableForm, width: 60%”]
[TD=“class: oddrow”]Expiration date: 2012-10-29 17:50:04 GMT
Expiration Interval (in days): 365
Number of Days to Expiration: 27
Status: Expiring soon

Can you please advice?

[TD=“class: oddrowdata-l”][/TD]

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