Maps with Free/Automatic rules?

Okay… New issue with stowing Maps in Open Systems. I have been moving right along with CATALLing libraries that I transfer to NATURAL on WinXP fro z/OS. But I came to a library that has several Maps that use Free Rules and Automatic Rules: “Free Rule does not exist in library”

Perhaps this is not the right question, but I will start here: How do I get this rule into the library when I do not have PREDICT installed in WinXP?

according to the docs,

"You can access free Predict rules that are stored in either a local or a remote Predict environment located on a UNIX or mainframe computer.

Free Predict rules that are stored in a remote environment on a UNIX or a mainframe host can also be accessed by using a Natural RPC server. "

The other way (which looks pretty tedious), is to convert them to inline rules at the source:
"Converting Free Rules to Inline Rules
To convert a linked free Predict rule to an inline rule
From the Field menu, choose Rules.
The Field Rule dialog box appears.
Select the rank of the free rule you want to convert.
The Free Rule toggle button is selected and the Free Rule appears in the Rule Text Fragment information box.
Deselect the Free Rule toggle button.
A message box appears asking you whether you want to change the rule type to inline.
Choose OK.
The free rule becomes an inline rule and its source code is displayed in the Rule Text Fragment information box. "

Wow. Interesting… Well, the WinXP environment I am working in is completely disconnected from the mainframe in Software-AG terms: no NATURAL Connection; no Entire Connection; no Broker (so no RPC capabilities). So, if I understand this, I must first convert the Free Rules to In-line rules in the z/OS environment, and then re-transfer the maps to the Windows version of NATURAL in order to get them to stow…? Sound right?

The alternativ is of course to install predict in the winXP env.

At one migration I was involved in, we decided to replace the more complex Free rules in the maps with references to copycode.


Getting PREDICT for Windows would certainly be my preference. But given that I had to practically sell my first-born to procure NATURAL and NATURAL Engineer… Well, perhaps my wife… :shock: