'maps with empty processing rules' -- easy way to find

We have Natural v4.1.3 on Z/OS and are having major problems in CICS with NAT9973 processing abends. We have been able to determine that the error is “'maps with empty processing rules’[u]”

We want to fix these programs so that it doesnt happen in our other CICS regions >50 , but using shared programs.

Can anyone suggest an easy way to do this.

  1. Write a Natural program looking for ??
  2. Use Natural Engineer looking for ???
  3. ???

Thanks in advance for your help.[/u]

have you opened a support request with Software AG Support? If this is legal syntax, then you should not be getting an abend.

"have you opened a support request with Software AG Support? If this is legal syntax, then you should not be getting an abend.

Douglas Kelly,
Principal Consultant
Sacramento, CA
Software AG, Inc "

Yes we have, and there are a few hundred ServLine24 items that refer to fixes, but in many instances the problem is NOT fixed until the rogue program is found. In my case this translates to several hundred instances based in a processing centre that processes data for more that 75 countries and over 300 cics regions… . But the question still remains… does anyone have a way of finding these things, so that we can fix in development.

Sorry for that maybe stupid question: Does that error appear during stow/catalogue or is it a runtime error?

yes its at runtime.

This scenario happens when a Client migrates from 3.1.x to 4.1.x

All ZAP’s and Service Packs are usually installed.

My question still remains,

I want to scan the libraries (as per NEE ) and obtain a list of all programs and sub programs that have maps and then determine the ones where the "empty processing rules are "


I’d like to recreate the error before suggesting a solution.

Are you executing 3.1 objects, or did you recatalog in 4.1?
Are the problem rules “free rules” or in-line?
Are the problem rules truly empty, or do they contain comment lines?
How were these rules created empty?
Do the maps also contain valid processing rules?

Include any other specifics that will help us to recreate the problem so that we know what to look for when suggesting a solution.

how did you identify “maps with empty processing rules” as the issue? A NAT9973 is usually accompanied by an OS or CICS abend code of some sort - have you located that error code?

The reason I suggest a Servline24 request: if you can get the cause of the abend removed from Natural, you won’t have to re-apply the search & modify to every client being migrated.