Mapping webdav folders to Tamino Collection

Hi, I’m using WebdavPilot Eclipse plugin as webdav client to connect webdav server tamino4.4.
I connect with http://localhost/tamino/myDB/ino:dav/ino:dav, after this, I create a folder “myFolder”, and I put the property to “myCollection” collection of Tamino.

In “myCollection” I save three types of documents with distinct doctypes, but throw the folder “myFolder” I only can save one type of document, when I try to save other type of documents this error shows:
“HttpException: Bad request (Code 400)”

Is there any limitation to save various types of documents in a webdav folder??

Thanks a lot.

I saw that my problem has not relation with webdav, and I have not problem to save a lot of doctypes in the same webdav folder.