Mapping to PeopleSoft 60 adapter

I am using webMethods 6.1 on a Windows 2000 box.
I have created a PeopleSoft Component Interface that runs successfully when tested in Developer. But when I try to map from a document, I get this error:
[ISC.0049.9019] More than one copy into the path with different common parent(s).
How can I get around this?

I guess your mapping two different fields under two different Lists in the one map step.


What you might be presently doing is mapping Field_1 and Field_2 in the same map step directly. Instead Loop over List1 and do the necessary mappings, then loop over List2 and perform the necessary mappings.

That should solve the problem.

Hi Vijay
Thank you for the quick reply. I am mapping from only one document. I have attached a screen shot showing the mapping from the document to the PeopleSoft adapter service. The error appeared when I tried to map TestComponent to TEST_COMPONENT. Any more help you could give would be appreciated.

screen shot
testMappingError.doc (67.1 k)

Can you let me know if your getting multiple values for the Pipeline Input or is it a single output??

The integration subscribes to a document that has a single set of values.

Thats good, in such a case,

Get the EMPID out into a temporary variable.

Loop thru the input (recordWithNoID). Give the outArray as <name1>/<name2>.

Create a new map step as a child step under the Loop step. now create 2 documents with the same names as Name1 & Name2 and create “TestID” & “Test_Component” under the Name1 & Name2 respectively.

Obviously when you come out of the loop step you will have Name1 as document and Name2 as document list. Then use them to map to your Peoplesoft service, which will not give you any trouble.

This might sound a bit crude but will definitely work.

Thank you.
I’ll give it a try.