Mapping the fields


Can anyone clarify my doubt?

I have created a document using the xsd and mapped few fields(almost all the fields). Now the xsd has been modified and I am given the latest xsd.

My doubt is, Do i need to create a new document with this new xsd and map the fields once again.If so my whole work goes waste. Is there any other option? As mapping all the fields again is really very difficult, as there are many fields.

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Prabhu Kanthi


How big are the changes done in your new xsd file??

What you can do is create a new documenttype using the new xsd and keep the same document name as is as the old document.And before doing this rename the old document.But as long as your documentname/fieldnames doesn’t get changed your mapping shouldn’t be affected.But make sure if they are any datatype changes like that…Once you load the new document do a full map test though for making sure nothing broken.



It’s working!.
Thanks a million!

Prabhu Kanthi