Mapping showing null values

Hi ,

I have some list of results returned after calling select query.That is result[0],result[1] and so on and in each of these results there are 5 string values.

I have to loop over these values to map it to some document.

In the Input array, i gave selectoutput/results and in the output array Doc/Doclist and mapped each of the values .

But I am getting NULL in the Doclist.

Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.

Try to initialize the Doc/Doclist before calling the loop and map.

Hi Surbhi,

are the two list expected to have the same length?
If yes it is fine to specify an output array.
If not, output array can not be specified.
pub.list:appendToList should be used instead to create an intermediate list, which can be mapped to the target list after the loop has completed.

Can you provide screenshot samples of the input and output structure?