Mutiple input documentlists mapped to one output document list

Hi All,

Can someone help me in the below scenario

I have a scenario where in My input is ItemTextHeader is a document list and i looped over it and it has an element languageKey mapped to custom-attribute a document list which has a field @xml:lang.

For the sampe output custom-attribute a document list which has other fields @name,@dt:dt,*body which are mapped to other document list ItemDescriptionDetails so it is a different loop again.

ItemTextHeader and ItemDescriptionDetails are different loops mapped to different strings inside same output document list.

How to combine the @xml:lang and @name,@dt:dt,*body into output custom-attribute and loop over the inputs and get multiple outputs.

Please let me know if i am confusing.

Thanks in advance

Not understood fully…

But based on above did you try map/create one temp document (fields) loop over both and then at the end appendToDocumentlist (one main)?