Mapping Problem

Hai everyBody!

I have a problem on mappin an item to the same documentList

ex: suppose document having the following items

SHIPTO_FIRST_NAME,SHIPTO_LAST_NAME these two has to map to the PurchaseOrderHeader/ShipToParty/Contact[0]/Name[0] and PurchaseOrderHeader/ShipToParty/Contact[0]/Name[1]

ex2: suppose document having the following items
SHIPTO_2,SHIPTO_3,SHIPTO_4 has to link to the PurchaseOrderHeader/ShipToParty/Location/Address/AddressLine[0],PurchaseOrderHeader/ShipToParty/Location/Address/AddressLine[1],PurchaseOrderHeader/ShipToParty/Location/Address/AddressLine[2]

how to make link ,does anybody help me on this.

For the name mapping, use the pub.string:makeString service to create a new string using a space between first and last name.

FOr the address mapping, map each SHIPTO_* variable to …Address/AddressLine and click on the mapping line. In the properties pane click the Edit button to edit the index of the target list. Use 0, 1 and 2 for each map.

Thax reamon…