Mapping not working

I have a package replicated from a working production server to a test server which performs a couple of simple maps of string to string, however, the results in the destination fields do not contain the values in the source fields. I have a savepipeline directly after the map and the values just aren’t getting copied. No transformers are being used.

Any help or tips appreciated.

Would need to know B2B version.

B2B version 3.5.2. Record lists are involved, however, I am using indexing on the properties of the map. I am attempting to map an SAP IDOC extension segment to an xCBL element. I am using the SAPMarkets MarketsetConnector 2.0, which performs the majority of the transformations. This same map (package) was replicated from a production server where it works correctly.

I also have a message with details opened with SAPMarkets.

I know there is not much you can do without having access, but any thoughts are appreciated.

Your right. Probably not much I can do without being able to kick it directly.

One thought… is your record list an “existing” record list? If so, does it exist in the path that you replicated? If not, I would double check the source records on each system to make sure they are the same…

Good luck…