Mapping documents, nothing in pipeline


…I have problem with mapping documents.
After document is (properly?) mapped, pipeline dump gives me nothing (only input documents are in pipeline dumped to file).

docBillingRequest - publishable document (with Billing reference document)
subscriptionTrigger - calling service “handling”
handling - input to this service was choosen by document type chooser (docBillingRequest)

next thing is the problematic service which maps docBillingRequest to docTypeRef_tns_BillingOut_submit_Input

map steps looks like this:


is mapped to


lists, are mapped in loops - each field is mapped to newly created field in target document

the whole target document is created in succesive map steps, and after everything is mapped, the nativeDoc is simply mapped to:

the problem is:

  1. when I am starting (from developer) “handling” service - the document maps
  2. when I am publishing document to broker, trigger is calling “handling” service and - the document doesnt maps ; (

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ps: Help please. I was trying to solve this for few days looking for a different approuches, searched web resources, and find nothing helpfull to solve this problem.


Try to compare input document name with name in MAP step. Are they identical? I had a lot of cases when in start or end field name was space or a typo. When you use developer it matches.



compare the name space of Broker document type and handling service .



Could you share your code somewhere? I look at it and test it on my environment. In such cases the problem has always been caused by a simple mistake.


Hi, I really (really!) appreciate Your answers.

I have checked map (one field is not mapped for now), but mapping looks good to me.

Broker document type has no namespace and handling services too.

I have attached exported packages with source needed.
In GsKolektor You will find publishable document type and in the other one source.

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GOLAN. (58.5 KB) (4.9 KB)


I think that solution is very simple. Your trigger service using a document reference which name is ‘Billing’ and when you run this with developer everything is all right. But when you want to use trigger your service should meet some requirements:

  • the name for this document reference must be the fully qualified name of the publishable document type
  • the input signature for the trigger service needs to have a document reference to the publishable document type

Your input should look like this:


When you change the input signature and adjust your mapping it should work fine.


Thank you very much, it solves my problem : )

It turns out that my eyes was on other problem when I was looking for an answer - and information about service input signature is located in 7-1-1_Publish_Subscribe_Developers_Guide.pdf on page 112.

Again, thank You : )))

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btw, it looks like realisation of processes on IS is possibly hardcoded somewhere…

how can i set common name space for configuration file which is going to invoked by service
for example insted of specifying



post me the replies