Mapping 997 across different versions

Hi All,

I am trying to map X12_4010_997 document data to X12 3020 and 3010 versions of 997.

While doing this I noticed that the error codes arent all backward compatible.

Eg. AK304 in 4010 has valid choice values from 1 to 8. Whereas the other 2 versions only accept values 1 to 7 !

So now when I am doing such a mapping I would like to replace missing error codes with existing codes which would convey the same meaning.

Like …

If Segment = AK304 and ErrorCode > 7 Then
ErrorCode = 7 (or any appropriate value).

I am having trouble deciding the conversion rule for these error codes. Can anyone help me with this approach or suggest something better ?

Are there sites where i can find the detailed explanation for each segment in various 997 versions. 4010 is readily available but am unable to locate the same for 3010 and 3020 versions.

Thanks in advance !

Mark IV

This could be quite a challenge. The main issue I see is that new codes probably will not map nicely/unambiguously to old codes–otherwise why would the new code have been introduced?

I too have been fruitlessly searching for an online resource of the X12 data dictionary. Would love to be pointed in the right direction.

The best luck I’ve had is doing a Google search for something like “997 3020 implementation guide”. Often the guides will list all available options for a specific element.

I seriously doubt you’ll be able to find the standards online since DISA ( owns the rights to it. So you either have to purchase it directly from them or some other vendor, this is one of the ways they support their organization.

Try this.


Thinking differently will the validate service validating a 3010 document against a 3010 schema generate an error message code which would not be able to fit into one of the enumerated values for say AK304 segment of a 3010 997 document ?

The validation service doesn’t generate codes that map directly to the various 997 segments. For example, the validate service will generate a VV-001 for a missing element. This needs to be mapped to the appropriate code for the appropriate 997 segment.

Hi All,
I need Sample Data for x12 850 3010. Please Its Urgent.