Manual Task Approval by each member

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Generally when we assigned a manual task to a particular group,then task will get approved as soon as a single member from that group approved the task and it will go to next step of the process and next member from that group login he will not have any pending task in inbox.

I have a requirment wehere one manual task need to be approved by each member of the assigned group/role.Suppose I have one group(approvalCommite)having 5 member in it.Now requirment is like task will get approved and flow to next step once it get approved from all member from that group.

Can any one please help in solving this problem.



The concept of task approval doesn’t exist in WM. When you say “approve” you really “complete the task” which in your particular process means a functional approval of something.

Having said this, only one user can complete a task, because a task only can be completed once.

Try to modify your process model to fit this requirement.

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Hi Baharul,

I agree with Norberto that there is no webMethods out-of-the box solution for your problem. Or, if there is, I am not aware of it.

However you can implement this logic. My idea is to keep an approval string list in every task business data. Whenever a user click on the “Complete” button, the code checks if he is the last approver or not. If he is not, only a save (applyChanges) is done. If the current user is the last approver then the task is completed.

In my idea the verification is done by checking the equality between the string list from the task data and the string list that holds the group members.

Also you may want to add some “invisibility” functionality so that the tasks that are approved by an user do not appear anymore in the user’s inbox.

Hope this helps,
Vlad Turian

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts for the same.

I am able to implement this the same way.
How ever I got stuck in other point…

Please provide your comments if you have for this also.

Baharul Islam