Mandatory fields in Input Document not being validated


I’m exposing a flow as a web service. I created a wsdl (for the service which i want to expose as a web service) and want to test that wsdl with SOAP UI passing the mandatory/required input parameters and getting back the response. Even if i dont pass any value for the mandatory fields, i’m getting back the response successfully which shouldn’t be the case. Right?? Am i missing some thing here?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

P.S: I did a search in this forum but couldn’t get what i needed. BTW, I’m a novice in web services.

WSDL/Schema you loaded are the xs elements minOccurs=“1”?? that you are expecting as mandatory elements… You have to use pub.schema:validate service and specify dtd or xsd to validated input document and return/build response with soap fault accordingly…


Thanks for the response, RMG. I haven’t specified minOccurs for mandatory fields. But for optional fields i clearly mentioned that minOccurs =“0”. Also, I mentioned the fully qualified namespace of the input doc type in the input/output tab and checked the “Validate input” too. Even then, no use. Will the IS not take care of validating the input fields within a document after they are specified as mandatory/optional?

I believe its all with in the schema for mandatory/option elements to check…so check your input document schema and it should have minOccurs=“1” (indicates for element mandatory to exist minimum once in the document) to comply with mandatory or not…Better use the schema:validate service instead of Input/Output tab’s check validate input option and play around.


I didn’t use any schema to generate the input/output doc types. I created it manually defining all the fields i needed as mandatory/optional. I read in documentation now that IS takes care of the input/ output validation. But not sure why it’s not working for me. I can try validate schema as you mentioned but i dont think that’s a good option. Currently, I’m not able to think of other options. Anyways, thanks for your suggestion though.

If anyone experienced similar type of issue, please let me know. Thanks in advance.