Manager Console 6.5

Dear All,

I am new to webMethods and I am assigned work on installing and configuring webMethods Manager Server 6.5 . I am going through all the pdf’s. I was able to successfully install the Manager Server but I don’t know how to use it to manage the integration components. I have selected the objects to be managed in the Manager server admin page.

From the pdf’s I understand that I should have Manager console also to view the statistics of the managed object. Can any one help me in installing the Manager Console?

Thanking you in advance.


The Manager Console is now part of My webMethods. Using the webMethods Installer, select the “My webMethods User Interfaces->Manager” choice. Of course, you will need to have installed the core components and database components for the My webMethods Server for this to work.

See the webMethods Installation Guide Version 6.5,, and 6.5.1 for details. This document is avaiable on Advantage under Bookshelf->Installation Documentation->Installation 6.5.x.