Manager Server 6.5

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I have install the Manager server 6.5 and mywebmethods 6.5.Controller,satellite,datahadler every things is working fine.I have run the ruleMigrator and i am ble to view the list of rules in mywebmethods.My concern is to whenever the IS is down it will send the alert messange to user.How i can do this.what the steps i have to fellow.

Now that WM has (finally) released a ServiceNet “agent” for IntegrationServer, you should be able to implement a “liveness” test just like you can with other containers (Weblogic and, perhaps, Websphere as I recall).

Instructions on how to do this will be in the updated ServiceNet user documentation.

Nevermind, you were asking about Manager and I answered regarding ServiceNet. Manager has had this basic capability for quite some time. Instructions should be in the User’s Guide.

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I have few conceptual doubt in manager server 6.5

In controller there is webservice layer and analysis engine is there. what is this webservice layer do and any alternative is there for this webservice layer ?.and why this is called as webservice layer ?.

can we do clustring in manager server ? if yes how we can do clustring in manager server ?

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How to manage the custom adapter in mywebmethods.

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This is a similar question I have. I have read the Admin’s guide and Manager developer guide. It is not very straightforward.