Making EDI documents publishable

Can we make the IS EDI documents publishable?. In a normal b2b scenario when we receive EDI documents from partners we often are faced with situations like routing them to internal order processing applications. This routing often happens after mapping the customer EDI document to a format which our internal order processing system can accept. Mostly the documents from partners are wrapped in custom wrapper(we can’t call it as a cnonical) and submitted to broker. The subscriber from the order processing application side extracts the actual cutomer EDI data from the wrapper, figures out which map service to call, transforms and sends it to the target app.

In tha above scenario does anyone feel that if we make the EDI documents itself as publishable and send them to broker so that interested subscribers can use it. The creation of wrapper is not needed and step for identifying which map service to use is also not needed as we have different triggers. One thing is thata we might up end up having more triggers rather than a single one as in the above wrapper method.

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

When you say document wrapper, I am assuming:
plain text doc string -> wrap service -> canonical doc structure
If so, then for your other apps, do they need:

  1. the original text document string
  2. the canonical document structure
  3. a secondary document structure

If it is 1) then you can have the canonical store the original text string along with the body of the structure. That way you can allow for an easy way to get the original data. Or, if you use TN for the source of the data, you can store the bizdoc/internalid instead of the entire data string and use the “tn doc view” service with “getContent” in the final steps the pull the string.
If it is 2) then you should just put that onto the broker and let them feed from it.
If it is 3) then you not do things differently. It would lead to and enormous amount of storage (in ratio) to make each specific new format ahead of time when It may not be needed right away. Let them decided when the wan the new format and create it at that time.

Good day.

Yemi Bedu