mainframe NEE : using ESF instead of NATRJE

hi all,

has anybody successfully changed their mainframe NEE installation to use ESF to submit JCL ? I know the NEEUEX2 member is what will need to be changed but am a bit at a loss about how to go about this… :slight_smile:


NEE 6.2.1 on z/OS

I haven’t used it myself, but the required changes appear straightforward.

NEEUX2 is basically a pass-thru to NATRJE, the parameters are identical

01 #NATRJE-CARDS        (A80/1:50)       
01 #NATRJE-COUNT        (B4)             
01 #NATRJE-FLAG         (A1)             
01 #NATRJE-RETHEX       (B2)

so basically #NATRJE-CARDS need to go to SUBMIT.CARD (in a loop as CARD is no MU),
unless you want to submit a job from a PDS, and when #NATRJE-FLAG = ‘L’ then
SUBMIT.FUNCTION needs to be set to ‘CLOSE’ to submit the job.

thanks Wolfgang,

after some discussions and after looking into ESF some more, we actually decided to take a little different approach. I will create an “in between” module that will translate the calls that NEE makes to NATRJE to something that we can use with our existing standard Natural subprogram that submits JCL via ESF. Even though there are some difficulties there (for example: our subprogram wants the whole JCL in one call but NEE makes a call per JCL step), that seems easier than actually changing the NEE user exit to talk to ESF directly.

thanks for the input!


Why do you want to use ESF instead of NATRJE?

Hi Mogens,

It’s a company standards thing, unfortunately…


Do you have Entire System Server? You could use that via PROCESS SUBMIT in lieu of NATRJE.