LTI connection examples needed

Integration Server and API Gateway 10.15

I’m looking for examples on how to setup an LTI (1.1 or 1.3) connection using Integration Server and/or API Gateway. We’re using Canvas as an LMS. We want webMethods to act as an LTI tool for Canvas. The information on the internet on building an LTI tool doesn’t help me and the examples I found are for instance PHP and .Net. I can’t translate those examples into flowservices, for they’re using libraries which webMethods doesn’t offer.

Is there anyone who has realized an LTI connection using IS and/or APIGW and is willing to share knowledge?

Many thanks in advance,

Evert van de Belt
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

I am not familiar with LTI tool. As you find some examples in PHP and .Net, can you describe those examples ? What kind of librairies wM doesn’t offer ? Can not you use jar ? Can not you use java service instead ?

One example is this: UvA.TeamsLTI/UvA.TeamsLTI.Web at main · uva/UvA.TeamsLTI · GitHub
It’s created by someone at the other university in Amsterdam. We want to do the same, but using standard and maintainable code in webMethods. Using external (Java) libraries or creating it in Java is not an option for us.

In github, I see two parts: a .Net code that acts as the backend (Controllers part) and Vue.js code that acts as frontend.
In webMethods, you can create the services that acts as backend and expose some APIs. So the Vue.js can consume those APIs.
Now, if you want to know how to create RESTful APIs with webMethods, you can check the documentation.