Loss of connection (problem with timeout?)


I have a program. In some cases execution this program takes a long time. When execution is delayed I get a message from client “The host session has been disconnected”.

If I put an operator INPUT with some message in the middle of the program then a program completes without error.

I guess the problem is in some timeout. But I do not know in what timeout and how to set it.

Hope for your help.

Thanks in advance!

Check out MADIO.

What exactly is “the client” ?

MADIO statement is ok.

I mean the Natural Session in a browser.

Some questions:

What version of Natural? What platform?

What is the source of the message? Natural or the Operating System?

What is the program doing? What role does the browser play?


By the way (unless it is misspelling, of course), it is really MADIO=0 as Steve fairly mentioned; MATIO has nothing to do with Adabas PARAMS

I use Natural 6.3
Platform: Linux Suse

Honestly, I do not know. In the program there is error handling.

+nerr(n1) = 2
move *program to +program(a8)
move *error-line to +error-line(n4)
move *error-nr to +error-nr(n4)
move 1 to +language(i1)

If I have an error in a program I get little report. But this code is not called in this case.
Me simply throws out the program. I get this message (see attachment).

The program accesses to the ADABASE database and does some calculations with records.
Browser works as a client. I connect via a browser to the remote server.

Sorry, this is a misspelling. Already corrected.

It looks like the connection between your browser and Natural’s web server, was lost.

Can you confirm this?

Yes, but I don’t know reason.

I tried use an another browser. The same result.

Hi Alexander;

I am not a “unix person”, so am not familiar with idiosyncrasies of web stuff when running with unix.

Looking through the documentation, there are two parameters that might be involved, SRVTERM and SRVWAIT. You might check what they are set to.


This is similar to the timeout issue with Natural Development Server (NDV). Check this forum for SPoD timeout issues. As far as I know, it has never been resolved, nor has it been determined whether its a Natural issue or a host/network issue.

When connecting Studio to a Unix or mainframe Natural host, I need to press ENTER every 15 minutes or so to maintain the connection. Yet my mainframe emulator or my Unix shell can be left idle for 12 hours without resulting in a timeout. Frustrating.