Session Timeout

Is there a way to force a disconnect from a natural session after an established time?

AFAIK: No, there are some ADABAS Nucleus parameters (transaction timeout, session timeout), but there’s no natural-parameter.

Hi Axt,

In Natural Security there is a “Non-activity logoff limit” you can set on a library.

In Natural’s Documentation I found two Parameters for timeout-settings.

LDB = Wait Time for Response of Local Adabas Database
TIMEOUT = Wait Time for RPC Server Response

… but there are all response timeout - not session timeouts.

Thanks to all. Maybe, I 'll use an o.s. utiility to stop natural session after a given time. I’m thinking about it! If someone have any idea… pls post it!

What is the “environment” you are trying to end? The TERMINATE statement will exit Natural. You could, when the session starts, start up a program with a timer (*SETTIME; and a “dummy” REPEAT loop which has a WHILE *TIMD (ref) LT some value.



If you are running in a UNIX environment you can set the TMOUT parameter in /etc/profile :

You can force a terminal to log out after a period of inactivity by setting the TMOUT and TIMEOUT parameters in the /etc/profile file. The TMOUT parameter works in the ksh (Korn) shell, and the TIMEOUT parameter works in the bsh (Bourne) shell. For more information about the TMOUT parameter, see Parameter substitution in the Korn shell or POSIX shell. For more information about the TIMEOUT parameter, see Variable substitution in the Bourne shell.

The following example, taken from a .profile file, forces the terminal to log out after an hour of inactivity:

echo “Setting Autologout to $TO”
export TIMEOUT TMOUTNote: You can override the TMOUT and TIMEOUT values in the /etc/profile file by specifying different values in the .profile file in your home directory.