Loop Query.

Hi All,

If condition matches, i have to continue my process otherwise continue next record of loop.

Loop over document list

  • branch on condition
  • -YES: (processing logic for current record)
  • -NO: No Processing for this record. and I have to continue next record of document list

Please advise how to write flow service for the above scenario?


Exactly as you have it. The YES sequence will do the processing of the current record of the loop. The NO sequence will do nothing. The loop will iterate and move to the next record.

Hi arulchristhuraj,
did you solved the problem ?
I’m new in the Software AG and i’m using webmethods 8.2.
I’m trying to loop over a list (document list) and to proccess the current record but i’m not able to get the current record.
Can you help me ?


Hi Fiorald,

Please share your code.


Hi Rankesh,
it’s a simple loop test that has as input array a document list reference.
I want to get the current record during the loop and execute some control operations. Maybe the flow service is not the best way to do that and i should use java service for custom control operations.


loopTest.zip (2.34 KB)
Department.zip (853 Bytes)

Hi Fiorald,

I guess, you are not aware of loop step of webMethods and its behavior. I request to go through pages [968-969] of http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite9-6/Designer/9-6_Service_Development_Help.pdf

In short, when you loop a List, record is available in child branch of loop starting element 0. More in attachment.



Hi Rankesh,

thank you for your help