Looking at log files

Can any one help me on how to debug any issues by looking at different log files( stepwise)?

Hi Subha,

What logs u r looking for and what is the error u r observing.


To view step by step process in logs(I assum it is in server.log) requires additional steps in your flow. You can add debug log on the steps that you want to monitor. These logs that you added will be shown in server.log

Good Question Yadhu,

Some times few issues can be identified based on server log, error log or even nohup.out file.

So what goes into the logs matters. and what error are you looking for matters, Based on the code written the log may be written ( using debug log) and sometimes based on the error occured the logs will be filled.

What issues you want to debug?
You can get the server log by type in
to your browser where “:” is the host and port on which the IS is listening.

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