Login using custom APIs

Hi All,
I’m trying to call a custom API which does authentication on click on the login button in the API portal home page. I’m trying to edit the views but I’m having a hard time figuring out where the Login button is to insert this logic. I’m using API Portal 10.3. Anyone implemented this before?


Can you elaborate more on your requirement.

The user management within API Portal has support for LDAP/OAuth/SAML for supporting various authentication schemes. Login activity itself is a core of API Portal and can not be delegated to external component just by using the self service customization UI.

Hi Arul,

Thanks for your response. There is a custom database with users in it. We already have an API which does authentication using this table to allow/deny access. We want to provide users who are present in this custom database access to portal. How do you recommend we go around this? We don’t have a fully mature IAM at this point.

If your IAM supports protocal based authentication(SAML/OAuth), it would be a cakewalk to integrate.

As of now,i could only recommend below approach.

You could create users from your custom database using below command line util. This activity will provision users based on the information you have in your database.

Once your database sync’d, the users can login to API Portal.

C:\SoftwareAG\API_Portal\server\bin\work\work_apiportalbundle_s\tools\bin>y-tenantmgmt.bat createUser
The following option is required: -au, --affectedUser
Create user
Usage: createUser [options]
-ad, --affectedDescription
Description of affected user
-ae, --affectedEmail
E-mail address of affected user
-af, --affectedFirstName
First name of affected user
-al, --affectedLastName
Last name of affected user
-ap, --affectedPassword
Password of affected user

  • -au, --affectedUser
    User name of affected user
    -p, --password
    Password of editor
    Default: superuser
    -u, --user
    User name of editor
    Default: superuser

Thanks for the quick response. So what you are suggesting at this point is manual process to add the users. Maybe pull all the users based on a specific select query and write a script to created the users. Do we have any bulk users create option using a spreadsheet or file?

Yes. you can automate the user creation via CLI or we have REST API as well. You can bulk create users using runners in postman

Thanks for the response. Can you please provide me the documentation for REST APIs? Are these APIs out of box?


I am not sure if API Portal supports this, but MWS does.

In MWS you can configure additional Directory Services based on different source types, i.e. database, LDAP, ActiveDirectory.

Eventually you need to wrap your database in a LDAP Service which can be configured in API-Portal.


In fact we have a directory service in MWS with the DB setting to that custom table. Can we configure that datasource in Portal?