Login CentraSite Control


I installed CentraSite 8 Active SOA on RHEL 5.5 server (with VMware player on my laptop).
I acces to SMH and license key is valide.

The connexion to the “CentraSite Control” page gives me this message :
“Error Connection refused”
I haven’t the page “user ID password” .

http://:/PluggableUI/Admin → OK
http://:/PluggableUI/Control → KO

I have performed a restart of the registry… And I have the same message “Error Connection refused”.

What could be the next step?


can you try local<username> or LOCAL<username> as Login?

local<username> is working fine for SMH.

But for Control, I cannot test it because, I haven’t the “user ID password” prompt page, I directly have “Error connection refused” displayed.


Please check the file plugin.xml in your PluggableUI\CentraSiteControl directory. It has a line

Please check that host and port are correct and resolvable.



My file “plugin.xml” hasn’t any lines “”.
The file is placed in this directory :

Should I modify it?
plugin.xml (13.6 KB)

Sorry - the forum software has cut off things.
Check for a line like this there:

 extension point="com.softwareag.cis.plugin.parameter" id="INMConfigurationURL" value="http://<<host>>:53305/INMConfiguration/INMConfiguration.xml" 

and if host/port are ok and resolvable

(CentraSite installation wasn’t finalized.)
Solved after run this script “./AsRootAfterInstall.sh”…


I am new to CentraSite and facing same issue with CentraSite Control Login page, I am able to login into SMH but not CS Control.

When I open it’s giving me error message " Connection refused: connect " , I installed it (CS v8 ActiveSOA) on win2003 server.

How can i resolve this?


Please check in SMH if the registry/repository is up and running.
Also check on the CS Control login screen if login as guest is working

Hi Daniel.

I checked in SMH Registry/repository is up and running, i restarted though, the result same,

I can’t test the login for centrasite as I am not getting the login page, when i try to access the URL , it’s throwing the error “Connection refused: connect”.

I am suspecting that CentraSite installation isn’t finalized as it was the case with Oliver who faced the same issue.

if that’s the case, how would I finalize the centrasite ActiveSOA installation on win2003?

Thanks in advance for your inputs


Connection refused usually indicates that the web server is not running.

From Windows Services panel, look for “CentraSite v.v Apache” and for “Software AG Common Tomcat” and make sure they are running.

Hi douglas,

thanks for your reply, Yes, centrasite apache wasn’t running at that time, I started the service from windows services panel.

Now I am able to login into CS Control without any issue.