Logging messages missing from server log

Hi All,

I am currently running in IS 8.0.1. I have noticed that on occasion the debugLog entries that should be getting written to the server log stop getting written. Some write, some don’t write, and what doesn’t get written one time may get written the second time. Sometimes the logging messages stop altogether. I have already verified that the debugLog message level (set to ‘Info’) and the server logger level are both the same, so the lack of logging does not appear to be a logging level issue. No errors appear in the error log. No configuration changes change between the runs. Resources are default, but currently there are only one or two people on the box, and my process doesn’t spawn that many threads.

Has anyone else seen this? The thing that is crazy is that even though the logging stops, the process works fine. So this isn’t a showstopper, but it is concerning nonetheless.

Any ideas?

Do you have any fix installed in your environment, if i recall correctly there was a issue when debuglog entries were not getting written in case problems with MWS libraries and central user management enabled, not sure if this is your case as well but check out for the fix level.


Im facing the same issue. can u help me on that?


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