Logging in WM 7.1.2 vs 6.5 (log4j.log)

I am upgrading our WM environment from 6.5 to 7.1.2 on LINUX.

It seems that 7.1.2 dehaves differently than 6.5 in that it changes STDOUT to server.log then log4j.log.

Starting IS with -Dlog4j.debug shows:

log4j: setFile called: logs/server.log, true

So someone is calling setFile to send stdout to logs/server.log. Then later, there is another setFile call that sets stdout to go into log4j.log:

log4j: Setting property [file] to [logs/log4j.log].
log4j: setFile called: logs/log4j.log, true

There is no indication of which file(s) is causing these changes to occur. Looking around I found log4j.properties in 6 different jar files. BTW, we have our own which is in IS/lib/classes (which is in CLASSPATH).

This all results in 3 sets of files getting created: server.log (which rolls over to server.log.yyyymmdd), serveryyyymmdd.log and log4j.log.

We have a large application that runs under IS with many support and maintenance scripts built around it so it is desirable to not change anything as part of the upgrade.

Is there a way to make 7.1.2 behave exactly like 6.5?

The culprit is WmOptimizer. Disabling that package stops logs from going to log4j.log.