Server log not being updated

Server starts and runs fine, but service executeion is not being logged in server.log. Only thing that is being logged to server.log is when socket is being opened.

Hey Bryan,

Can you check the level of logging under Settings/Logging in IS?
If it is less 5, please make it 5 or more.

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Hi Bryan,

Please look at the audit.log instead. You should have the service start and end information in it.

  • Rajesh Rao


We are also experiencing weird server.log behavior. In my case the symptom is that some info is going into server.log, while other info, that should be going into server.log, is instead going into either the WmMarketConnect log (<is>\logs\WmMarketConnect) or into (<is>\packages\SAP\logs).

Would you please look at other logs on you system to see if information is being “misdirected”.

My system is IS 4.6 (SP1 +), Sun jdk 1.3.1_08. It’s not a jdk problem because it has been happening with several jdk versions. The log level setting is 5 and all “Facilities” are selected. I have also tried different log levels. The problem also occurs at least occasionally on all of my servers (dev, acp, prod). The audit.log is completely normal.

Here are a few lines of my server.log:
2003-07-29 03:04:09 000000 00740002V 9e23640af70dd15e00006798: State changed to Created
2003-07-29 03:04:10 000001 00740002V 9e23640af70dd15e00006798: State changed to Executed
2003-07-29 03:04:10 000002 00740002V 9e23640af70dd15e00006798: State changed to Committed
I believe these are Partner Manager messages (0074)
The log is almost completely like the above. (I just reloaded a package and see THAT stuff in server.log).
And some lines from
2003-07-29 03:09:04 CDT 001E56 TRANET1454V New doc is a ISP-Monitoring [TRNSERV.000019.000001]
2003-07-29 03:09:04 CDT 001E57 TRANET1317D Inserting doc f26p0a00uqmhkqbv0000052v into datastore [TRNSERV.000016.000073]
The stuff that is being misdirected always seems to be Trading Networks stuff.

I am not sure if there is additional stuff that is simply getting lost.

BOTH of the logs are being written to. That is, output has not switched completely, some stuff is going into one log and at the same time other stuff is going into the other log.

I find this to be very mysterious. Has anyone else experienced “misdirected” server.log issues?

BTW, I have reported the to wM support, but have not had any luck with that route.

Today, the stuff that should be going into server.log is going into Thats not uncommon, however, it is more common to see the stuff going in the WmMarketConnect log.

The strange logging begins sometime after server startup. That is, when wM is starting I see “normal” server.log entries. Sometime later, the logging gets “messed up”. It is not 100% consistent, but the change from normal to abnormal logging seems to be associated with the midnite log rotation.

I also believe that it is “debugLog” type stuff that is being misdirected.

My server.cnf contains:


Has any one used the IS logging via JDBC on 6.1.
I have configured it as mentioned in the guide and it still creates and writes to the server.log , audit.log and other log files.
It does write to database …but also creates these files.

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Hi all

i like to change the rotatelogfile property to every 12 hrs instead of 24 can i achieve it. And i am not able to see the watt.server.logRotateFirstInterval and watt.server.logRotateInterval
parameters in my server administrator extended option. Where can i find these two parameters and set the values.

thanks in advance