How to modify log4j and reflect it changes without restarting webMethods IS


Whenever i modify the i have to restart the server.

Is there are way i can do this without having to restart the server.

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I’m not sure how you are using log4j, but I put together a log4j logging IS package some time back that reads properties from a properties file. I think I remember that you can re-run the initialization service to reload a log4j properties file, but I could be wrong.

You can find my example and a newer one that works with JDK 1.4 logging in the WM Users shareware area.


Hi Mark,

Your article and code did help.

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Hi Mark,

The jdk1.4 version of logger zip seems to be corrupt.


This package works very well. I just plopped the log4j into the IntegrationServer\lib\jars directory as mentioned in this package and changed the Pipeline on the logInit to specify my preference… Reloaded the package & all was well!

Thanks, Mark!


Glad the old logging utility is still helping out!


Hi what version IS did this work with? Your post is from Feb, so I am hoping you are talking about version 6.*…


Hi Mark,
I have been able to implement log4j for logging except one anomaly that I see with respect to the deletion of loggers.

I see that the logMessage service has a “success” for a Logger that was removed from the file. I did run the load properties service post deletion of the logger.

Also, below are the extended settings that were put in place: for eg IS/logs/Log4jLogs for eg IS/Log4j

How do we clear the non-existent loggers from the memory?