IS4.6: Server.log does not log

We’ve had a series of issues with our server.log over the past several weeks. We have seen two behaviors, which I believe are distinct issues, but I’m going to describe them both here with the hope that someone out there has seen it before:

server.log entries that are made by the Integration Server get written to the wmMarketConnect log. (Note, we have the C1OnRamp adapter installed)

This behavior appears to happen without provocation. All entries will be writing to the server.log fine, then at some point in time, it switches and writes to WmMarketConnect_somedate.log. When this happens only entries from applications that use the debugLog service get written to the server.log.

server.log entries are not written anywhere. This is a problem that cropped up last week. The server.log only contains entries from the debugLog service.

Has anyone else had issues like this? Any help would be appreciated…


I should also mention that the logging settings are set appropriatly during issue number 2. Logging level 5 with almost all topics highlighted.