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Hello Community
If I want to add logging at different steps inside flow or java services then what is good/recommended way of doing it in webMethods IS

Can we rely on any built-in services of IS to perform logging? or is it better to use some external logging component/framework?

I would appreciate if folks in tech community can share their current approach/method of logging data (or errors or warning etc ) inside webMethods services (flow/java)?


Please provide more details about what you would like to achieve.

  • Logging at different steps inside flow - you can look at public services such as pub.flow:debugLog, pub.flow:tracePipeline to log messages and pipeline variables if you are trying to debug flows.
  • Audit logging is an option if you want to log service details, session logging etc. More details in Audit logging guide - Types of Audit Logs in the Audit logging guide
  • Integration with external logging frameworks is also possible, and there are many topics describing integration with Log4j for example.

The question is pretty open ended, and I have mentioned three possible further steps, you can specify exactly what you are looking for.

Thanks Nagendra for your response.

I would like to know what is preferred way of logging in Production environment. I would like to know how experts/experienced folks are doing logging in production systems.

I am aware of pub.flow:debugLog service but I am not sure if this service is for logging in DEV/local development only or do it in Production scenarios as well for logging?.. Because debugLog service writes to server log file and I don’t think that it is good approach to keep adding logs of our services to the server log file in production. I might be wrong here and in that case you or other community folks can correct/guide me further.

I am new to webMethods and curious to know how experts manage/implement different scenarios in webMethods, logging being one of them.

I am interested to know how it (logging) should be done in Production environment because in DEV we may or may not follow best practices etc but in production best practices should be followed and hence expert opinion from tech community is important.

Please let me know if I was able to further explain my original query


Yes, the question seems clearer, A couple of points

  • pub.flow:debugLog - As the name suggests helps a lot in debugging when something doesn’t work. Might want to avoid using a lot of these in production.
  • Server logger - The Integration Server Logger lets you specify log levels and logging facilities ( Admin UI → Logging Configuration->Server Logger) which you can use to temporarily get detailed logging related to a specific scenario/ problem.
    for example: If HTTP calls are failing, you may be interested to set the logging levels for facilities related to HTTP such as HTTP header, request etc to Trace to get more information.
  • Audit logging - The Audit Logging can have a destination as an External Database, which helps in reducing the disk usage, as well as being able to independently access the logs, without needing access to the machine.
    The audit logging includes logs such as security log , session logs etc, which would be helpful in a production environment.

Hope this helps, I would wait for other answers as well.


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Thanks Nagendra

Lets see if other community folks would like to add anything or tell us what are their practices for logging in Production etc?


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